Starting networks and finding and strengthening preexisting networks in our cities is a necessary part of working interdependently with each other. Here is a short list of some of Philadelphia's local organizations that focus on food, water, environmental health, and tool sharing.

ActionPA / Energy Justice Network:
1434 Elbridge St, Philadelphia, PA 19149, P: 215-743-4884
ActionPA is a statewide nonprofit based in Philadelphia focused primarily on helping communities defend themselves from dirty energy, waste, and toxics-related facilities.

The Blue Green Alliance:
4100 Main St, Suite 403, Philadelphia, PA 19127, P: 215-508-3310
The Blue Green Alliance is a national strategic partnership between labor unions and environmental organizations dedicated to expanding the number and quality of jobs in the green economy.

Clean Air Council:
135 South 19th Street, Suite 300, Philadelphia, PA 19103, P: 215-567-4004 x 114
A nonprofit Pennsylvania environmental group working to protect everyone's right to breathe clean, healthful air through education, outreach and advocacy.

Clean Water Action:
1315 Walnut Street, Suite 1650, Philadelphia, PA 19107 P: 215-545-0250 and 100 N 17th St. Philadelphia, PA 19103, P: 215-640-8800
Clean Water Action is a one million-member organization of diverse people and groups joined together to protect our environment, health, economic well-being and community quality of life. Our goals include clean, safe, and affordable water; prevention of health-threatening pollution; creation of environmentally safe jobs and businesses; and empowerment of people to make democracy work. Clean Water Action organizes strong grassroots groups and coalitions and campaigns to elect environmental candidates and solve environmental and community problems.

Climate Change Working Group:
606 W. Upsal St. Philadelphia, PA 19119, P: 215-438-2334
A project of the Germantown Friends Meeting in northwest Philadelphia.

Community Recycling:
225 Lincoln Highway, Fairless Hills, PA 19030, P: 215-547-2723
Community Recycling is a community-based textile recycling company that collects and processes second-hand clothing, shoes, accessories, and useable household items. Earn money by helping the environment! Great fundraising idea for schools, nonprofits, churches, synagogues, and businesses. Highly visible, accessible locations needed to place textile (clothing) bins. Fully insured.

Defenders of Wildlife:
1800 JFK Blvd., Suite 300, Philadelphia, PA 19103, P: 267-238-3840
Defenders of Wildlife's main focus is on protecting endangered species and our secondary focus is on reducing global warming.

Delaware Riverkeeper Network:
925 Canal St., 7th Floor, Suite 3701 Bristol, PA 19007, P: 215-369-1188
The Delaware Riverkeeper Network is the only advocacy organization working throughout the entire Delaware River Watershed. The Delaware Riverkeeper is an individual who is the voice of the River, championing the rights of the River and its streams as members of our community. The Delaware Riverkeeper Network is committed to restoring the watershed's natural balance where it has been lost and ensuring its preservation where it still exists.

The Department of Parks and Recreation, 3870 Ford Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19131 PH: 215-685-0108
An organic recycling center in West Fairmount Park accepts leaves, grass clippings, wood chips, brush and herbivore manure. Materials available for pick up are compost, wood chips, shredded wood mulch, and herbivore manure.

Farm to City:
1315 Walnut Street, Suite 1526, Philadelphia PA 19107, P: 215 733-9599
Farm to City is a Philadelphia-based program whose goal is to unite communities, families, and farmers year-round through good locally grown food.

The Food Trust:
1617 John F. Kennedy Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19103, P: 215-575-0444
The Food Trust is responding to the contemporary epidemic of diet-related disease and malnutrition by working to increase access to affordable and nutritious food and helping people to improve their diets. Founded in 1992, the Trust's mission is to ensure that everyone has access to affordable, nutritious food.

Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia:
1500 Walnut Street, Suite 1107, Philadelphia, PA 19102, P: 215-242-9253
Promoting the bicycle as an environmentally friendly, healthy, and economical form of transportation and recreation through advocacy and education.

East Coast Greenway Alliance:
1924 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19103, P: 215-988-0929
The East Coast Greenway vision is for a long-distance, urban, shared-use trail system linking 25 major cities along the eastern seaboard between Calais, Maine, and Key West, Florida. It will serve non-motorized users of all abilities and ages

Fair Food has been uniting local farmers with businesses and consumers for over a decade. We promote the importance of family farms and create a year-round marketplace for fresh, local, and humane food products in the Greater Philadelphia region. We provide an assortment of programs and services that contribute to a strong and sustainable local food system. Supporting farmers, connecting consumers, educating the public and celebrating the joys of local food.

Greater Philadelphia Commercial Recycling Council:
PO Box 4011, Philadelphia, PA 19118, P: 215-247-3090
Corporate, institutional, and business solid waste planning, economic evaluation, design, research, and program management. We help the business community lead rather than follow. Offering our new Environmental Business Reporting Tool to help document and evaluate greenhouse gas reduction through recycling.

Independence Seaport Museum:
Penn's Landing, 211 South Columbus Blvd. Philadelphia, PA 19106, P: 215-413-8655 
The Independence Seaport Museum is an anchor attraction on Penn's Landing, attracting visitors to experience both Philadelphia's heritage and current waterfront. The Museum educates area youth groups through interactive programs in its boat shop; presents changing exhibits in its galleries; and hosts visiting ships and events year-round.

The organic mechanics soil company:
PO BOX 272, Modena, PA 19358, P: 610-380-4598
At Organic Mechanics, they're passionate about all natural, sustainable gardening that provides superior results. That's why their soils are 100% organic, made with locally sourced ingredients, completely peat-free and used by professional gardeners at arboretums and botanical gardens including Longwood Gardens and Scott Arboretum.

Citizens for Pennsylvania's Future (PennFuture) works to create a just future where nature, communities, and the economy thrive. They enforce environmental laws and advocate for the transformation of public policy, public opinion, and the marketplace to restore and protect the environment and safeguard public health.

Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture:
P.O. Box 419 Millheim, PA 16854, Phone: 814 349-9856
In existence since 1992, the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) continues working to bring farmers together to learn from each other and to build relationships between those farmers and consumers looking for fresh, wholesome, and locally and sustainably produced food.

Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild:
St. James School, 3217 Clearfield St., 19132, on the third Thursday of each month
Located in the cradle of American Beekeeping, the Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild works to encourage and promote urban beekeeping through fellowship and education and to raise awareness of the importance of bees to our environment. The Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild has grown from what began in 2009 as a small, informal group of local beekeepers.

Philly Growing Greener:
Philadelphia, PA 19114, P: 215-966-9976
Philly Growing Greener aims to broaden the horizons of all Philadelphians, but particularly at-risk youth through hands-on science, history, and personal development programs.

RAIR Philly, 7333 Milnor St. Philadelphia, PA 19136
RAIR's (Recycled Artist in Residency) mission is to create awareness about sustainability issues through art and design. They are located in Northeast Philadelphia within Revolution Recovery, a 3.5 acres construction, demolition and manufacturing waste recycling facility in Philadelphia that processes over 250 tons of materials per day. Their unique position as a bridge between art, sustainability and industry allows the reach and potential impact of RAIR to be great.

Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education:
8480 Hagy's Mill Road, Philadelphia, PA 19128, P: 215-482-7300
The Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education inspires meaningful connections between people and nature. We use our forests and fields as a living laboratory to foster appreciation, deepen understanding, and encourage stewardship of the environment.

Sharing Backyards:
Sharing Backyards encourages urban gardening by connecting those who have the space to garden with those who would like to garden but don’t have the yard space.

Student Environmental Action Coalition:
4515 Baltimore Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19143, P: 215-222-4711
SEAC is a student and youth-run national network of progressive organizations and individuals whose aim is to uproot environmental injustices through action and education. We define the environment to include the physical, economic, political, and cultural conditions in which we live. By challenging the power structure which threatens these conditions, students in SEAC work to create progressive social change on both the local and global levels.

SustainUS is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization of young people advancing sustainable development and youth empowerment in the United States. Join other young folks (under 35) to push for sustainability in the greater Philadelphia region through education, advocacy, and professional development.

c/o PHS 100 North 20th St. 5th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19103, P: 215-988-8874
Responding to an alarming trend of the loss of trees in Pennsylvania's metropolitan areas, TreeVitalize is a public-private partnership to help restore tree cover, educate citizens about planting trees as an act of caring for our environment, and build capacity among local governments to understand, protect, and restore their urban trees.

The West Philly Tool Library, 1314 South 47th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19143, P: 215-833-3190
The West Philly Tool Library loans tools to community members for simple home maintenance, tending yards and gardens, building furniture, starting projects, and learning new skills in a safe and affordable manner. They aim to be a community resource to provide home owners, tenants, long-time residents, and newcomers with the tools (and the knowledge to work the tools!) they need.

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